Abbott Fund provides $750k to Easterseals’ community welfare program

American non-profit Easterseals recently announced securing a $750,000 worth of grant from the Abbott Fund to boost the ‘Education & Community Health Equity’ project.

The grant will cover the project until 2025, allowing the initiatives to leverage the three-year timespan to address systemic barriers that hinder high-quality education and healthcare, which is often a concern for the children and families from underserved communities.

Easterseals is on a mission to establish an integrated system capable of catering to the educational and healthcare needs of children, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The project focuses on expanding access to required physical as well as mental health screening and care for children. It will also be able to provide targeted social services that supporting underserved families counter the lack of basic necessities, transportation, and nutrition.

Moreover, the welfare program will address other socio-economic challenges by making sure that early childhood administrators and educators are adequately trained to recognize health and social constraints and offer culturally appropriate support for the kids.

Reportedly, the program will be implemented at Different Easterseals locations including the Childhood Development Centers in Southern California, Atlanta, North Georgia, and the greater Washington, D.C., area.

Speaking on the grant, Melissa Brotz, VP of Global Marketing & External Affairs at Abbott and President of the Abbott Fund, stated that the funding underpins Abbott’s commitment to boost health equity and eliminate racial health disparities by supporting children and their families.

In addition, the recent initiative by Easterseals is in line with its previous projects like the Abbott Fund-backed Black Child Fund launched in 2021, which advanced early interventions and aid for Black children suffering from various disabilities like autism.

The project aimed at reducing health disparities that are often experienced in early childhood.

Abbott claims that its fund has launched pilots at Easterseals sites catering to broader communities of the DuPage and the Fox Valley Region in Illinois, Chicagoland & Greater Rockford, and Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri.

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