Altaeros, SoftBank introduces the world’s 1st autonomous aerostat

By ibadmin  | Date: June 24, 2022

Altaeros, SoftBank introduces the world’s 1st autonomous aerostat

SoftBank Corp., a leading provider of internet, mobile telephony, and telecommunications product, reportedly completed the preliminary testing of Altaeros’ ST-Flex™ autonomous aerostat.

As per credible sources, telecom and operational tests were executed at Taiki Town’s Hokkaido Spaceport, Hokkaido, Japan.

Altaeros and SoftBank earlier unveiled the ST-Flex first on May 2nd, 2022 and conducted evaluation tests throughout the month.

ST-Flex carried the base station system of SoftBank, which was said to be rigged with its proprietary cylindrical antenna that comprehends communication area footprint fixation, to a height of 816 feet (249m), where it gets connected to the ground equipment through optical fibre and power conductors rooted in the tethers.

From the announcement of SoftBank, this newly established high-altitude tethered aerostat base station system will be functional at higher altitudes, carry hefty communication payloads, and achieve a broader area network coverage with a higher stability of communication during the trial.

Altaeros’ patented autonomous control system, Aerostat Autopilot™, bypasses the requirement for an on-site crew for performing daily operations and ensures highest levels of consistency, making ST- Flex the most cost-efficient aerostat solution in its class.

During this test program, the ST-Flex outshined in highly fluctuating weather conditions, even in the gale-force wind.

The three tether autonomous controls of Altaeros offer stability in the aerostat and control roll, pitch, and yaw to keep the aerostat ready even in different weather conditions.

The autonomous feature offers a level of flexibility and performance incomparable to commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Altaeros CEO, Ben Glass said that the firm is extremely keen on accomplishing the first global launch of ST-Flex.

SoftBank’s Footprint Fixation Technology’s effective testing on the ST-Flex is a massive opportunity which will empower the development and efficacy of several telecommunications platforms for offering critical services around the globe.

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