Altera Digital Health, SingHealth to jointly improve healthcare delivery

Altera Digital Health, a global healthcare IT innovator, has recently inked a multi-year agreement with the most influential public healthcare group in Singapore, SingHealth, for using its Sunriseā„¢ suite of healthcare IT solutions across its several institutions.

The collaboration is a further extension of an agreement inked with Allscripts in 2017. It will be continued till 2029 and provide SingHealth with the ongoing support of Altera Digital Health’s EMR (electronic medical record) platform.

SingHealth, backed by the IHiS (Integrated Health Information Systems) national HealthTech agency, has used the SunriseTM Clinical Manager System since 1998.

The all-inclusive EMR platform suite is also expected to uplift SingHealth’s multi-disciplinary and unified care approach for 20,000+ healthcare professionals in its acute hospitals, national specialty centres, polyclinics and community hospitals, which currently serve more than half of Singapore’s population.

While commenting on the move, Marcus Perez, President of Altera Digital Health, said they are delighted to collaborate with SingHealth, as it is the first step in placing a strong foothold in Singapore and the province.

Altera Digital Health is dedicated to pushing a new era of healthcare fueled by the Health Platform, one with less information burden and higher interoperability that drives value-based treatment for enhanced health outcomes.

Anna Grammare, General Manager, Altera Digital Health Singapore, said that this collaboration with SingHealth for delivering the SunriseTM suite is a solid demonstration of how the firm can support the healthcare ecosystems with the establishment of the Platform of Health.

With this platform approach, the firm wishes to augment the way healthcare is delivered while mitigating the workloads of healthcare workers and encouraging stronger communities.

Given the increasingly changing needs in the healthcare industry, Altera Digital Health emphasizes delivering innovation across the overall care continuum and solidifying optimization for hospital systems, building long-term interoperability, and transforming how healthcare can be provided.

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