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Ayushi Garg

Currently working as an associate content writer, Ayushi pens down insightful articles for several websites. She began her profession by taking classes in digital marketing to broaden her skills. Given her passion for writing, she took up several freelancing projects and subsequently, worked as both social media marketer and content developer for several start-ups. She also enjoys reading books in her spare time and has reviewed books for several Indian and foreign authors in addition to co-authoring an anthology.

Contribution by: Ayushi Garg

Elon Musks new rule for employees: Work 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week

Since Elon Musk assumed leadership of the company, employees of Twitter Inc. have been reportedly putting in far more time than usual.  The workforce is currently threatened with impending layoffs due to the tech tycoons planned restructuri...

After Musks Twitter acquisition, Mastodon app recorded 70K signups

Ever since Elon Musk finalized the agreement to purchase Twitter Inc. last Thursday i.e., 27th October, there have been indications about a modest but rising exodus from the social media platform currently being underway. While many Twitter user...