Beijing-based Sinopec acquires large amounts of shale gas resources

Sinopec, a Chinese oil and gas corporation, has recently stated that it has attained a daily manufacturing capability of around 530,000 cubic meters of shale gas in its Xinye Well-1 located in Qijiang, Chongqing.

As per credible sources, the firm confirmed that it has a hundred billion cubic meters (cu.m) of shale gas resources in its shale gas structure in Xinchang.

Sinopec has manufactured the shale gas reserve belt of Xinchang South – Dongxi – Dingshan – Lintanchang, in the Sichuan Basin located in the southeast, with a total shale gas volume touching 1.19305 trillion cubic meters, Sinopec’s subsequent shale gas reserve that is close to trillion-level after its field Fuling shale gas which is expected to contribute to ensuring energy security of China.

The troubles of developing deep deposits include deep burial depth and complex ground stress.

Sinopec brings excellent significance to exploring deep shale gas and modernized theories and technologies, including splitting deep shale gas wells and accomplishing domestic production of fracturing equipment, materials, and tools.

Sources cite that Sinopec has successfully achieved 100% drilling capacity of high-quality shale.

In 2017, it established a team for deep shale gas R&D for testing research in Dongxi.

Following research and practices for years, Sinopec has established theoretical knowledge of deep shale gas geography and revealed the development and maintenance of deep shale pits in deep-water shelf-bathyal facies.

Additionally, Sinopec has also touted a deep shale gas layer spot prediction tech, which has achieved high-accurate exploration and industrialized deep shale gas fracturing engineering technology that addresses problems of plasticity and burial depth efficiently, as well as high in-situ stress, for achieving 3D network fracturing technology that can ensure pressurization, precision cutting, and proliferation, as well as balanced filling and expansion.

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