Bundeswehr state: CDU politician rejects responsibility

Released on 04.06.100

  • CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja at an event in Kiel. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa

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Did the Union neglect the German armed forces during their reigns? At least that is what politicians from the traffic light coalition have accused. The CDU general secretary doesn’t want to hear anything about it.


CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja has rejected accusations that the Union is responsible for the current state of the Bundeswehr, which is often perceived as bad.

“Over the past few years, we have repeatedly made proposals to strengthen the Bundeswehr and increase the defense budget . These were regularly ironed out by the SPD, our coalition partner at the time,” Czaja told the “Rheinische Post” with a view to the previous black and red governments in the federal government.

It also had it For a long time there was no social majority for strengthening the Bundeswehr, said the Secretary General. “Everyone thought they were in a stable peace order. That’s part of the truth.” The world is now a different one.

Politicians in the red-green-yellow federal government accuse the Union of having neglected the Bundeswehr during their reigns. The parliamentary group leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Britta Ha├čelmann, wrote on Twitter: “The previous governments – CDU/CSU – left the Bundeswehr in a partially desolate state.” Investments must be made urgently so that the Bundeswehr can fulfill its obligations under NATO.

On Friday, the Bundestag approved the 100 Released a special program worth billions of euros to equip an operational Bundeswehr. The money is to be used to purchase better equipment for the armed forces over the next few years. This involves aircraft, tanks and ammunition, but also personal equipment of the soldiers such as night vision devices or radios. (dpa)

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