Department of Health, Ohio introduces monkeypox information dashboard

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: August 27, 2022

Department of Health, Ohio introduces monkeypox information dashboard

In wake of the rising monkeypox infection cases in the United States province, the Ohio Department of Health has launched a new public information dashboard that is expected to deliver insights about the status of monkeypox in the state. The news was officially put forth by ODH Director Bruce Vanderhoff.

As per the official reports, the dashboard would be available on the ODH platform and represents the total number of cases in the state and each country. It also shows the age range of people impacted, the percentage of cases by gender, and the outcomes including hospitalizations and fatalities.

Like any other diseases outbreak dashboards, the monkeypox dashboard would be updated every week on Thursdays.

Commenting on the latest accomplishment, Vanderhoff mentioned that the OHD has been closely working with local healthcare providers and partners to deliver effective investigation, testing, contract tracing, and prevention and treatment options.

Vanderhoff added that while the risk of being infected by monkeypox for most of the Ohioan population remains low, it is crucial for the state authorities to continue to do all they can to alleviate the spread of the monkeypox virus and reduce the burden of illness.

It has been reported that the Ohio Department of Health reported nearly 147 confirmed monkeypox cases in the state across 19 countries. The first infection case was reported in June this year.

For the record, most of the monkeypox cases were reported in Cuyahoga County, which recorded 69 cases, and Franklin County, which recorded about 33 cases. Moreover, most of the infection cases in these counties were known to be amongst men.

Monkeypox is transmitted through close personal contact, often skin to skin. It causes a rash that may look similar to blisters or pimples that turn to scabs before healing. In addition, some people have also complained of flu-like symptoms.

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