Dow & Mura collaborate to scale up advanced plastic recycling

In an effort to reduce global plastic waste, Dow, the material science company and Mura Technology, the leading cutting-edge recycling company, have recently announced that they are collaborating to construct multiple global-scale 120 kilotons (KT) innovated recycling facilities in Europe and the United States, with the addition of combined capacity of 600 KT yearly.

Credible sources say that Dow will be playing a major role in the collaboration as the main participant of the circular feed that is produced by Mura.

This circular feed, obtained from plastic waste recently intended for incineration or landfill, reduces dependence on fossil-based feedstocks and is expected to support Dow in producing a recycled plastic feedstock for developing virgin-grade, new plastics, which are in elevated demand from global brands.

Dow and Mura will ensure that plastic is feasible to be re-circulated into global supply chains, supporting a circular economy for plastics and increasing the value of plastic waste.

Mura’s intended capital investments and Dow’s agreements represent both the company‚Äôs largest commitment to scaling and advancing recycling capabilities.

While commenting on the move, Marc van den Biggelaar, Advanced Recycling Director for Dow, said that solidifying DOW and Mura’s partnership is another example of how Dow is working to create momentum around revolutionized advanced recycling technologies.

With these investments in a new application, Dow will be working closely to meet the rising demand for recycled material from its consumers and significantly impact the supply chain, assisting in shutting down the plastic waste loop.

Dow is devoted to fastening a circular economy for plastic, and this expanded collaboration with Mura signifies a step further in the journey.

Being a long-term partner, the firm is proud of the potential of this process for recycling plastics and assisting in resolving the challenges posed by plastic waste.

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