Exro inks supply agreement with SEA Electric for coil drive systems

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: August 17, 2022

Exro inks supply agreement with SEA Electric for coil drive systems

Clean tech firm, Exro Technologies Inc. has reportedly announced signing a multi-year service and master sales agreement as well as an initial purchase order for supplying SEA Electric, a well-known commercial EV firm, with 1,500 Coil Drive System units.

As per the agreement, California-based SEA Electric will buy high-voltage Coil Drive System units, system pricing, commissioning services, and production slot from Calgary-based Exro.

The initial vehicle integration will commence by November 2022, with track and on-road testing set for next year. Apparently, these phases will culminate together with the production of Exro’s 400V Coil Drive Systems.

The agreement will begin with the delivery of over 25 Coil Drive System sample units deployed with an electric motor and high-voltage Coil Driver™, which will be applied in a joint pilot program under SEA Electric’s on-road testing for its next-gen F-59 Class 5/6 delivery vehicles.

Once the in-field validation is successful, the first purchase order will deliver 500 units in the last quarter of 2023, followed by a gradual increase of up to 1,500 units in the production volume during the 36-month term of the agreement.

Tony Fairweather, CEO of SEA Electric, mentioned that Exro’s new Coil Driver technology will enable the firm’s next-gen electric fleets to consume power more judiciously with less waste or resources.

According to Tony, this will help advance their goal to eradicate 2.5 billion pounds of carbon emissions with electric cargo vans, garbage and delivery trucks, and shuttle vans, among others.

Meanwhile, Sue Ozdemir, CEO of Exro, claimed that although this project experienced delays, it is a milestone for their partnership with SEA Electric and showcases both the companies’ commitment toward next-gen electrification of mobility.

For the record, the Coil Driver™ technology by Exro drives the speedy transition to electrification in vehicles by resolving performance-cost trade-offs. The technology optimizes the efficiency and performance of electric batteries and motors via power electronics.

Source credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/exro-technologies-signs-multiyear-agreement-with-sea-electric-to-supply-coil-drive-systems-for-next-generation-commercial-electric-vehicles-301606322.html

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