Extremists kill at least 37 civilians in DR Congo

Extremists kill at least 29 civilians in DR Congo

Released on 29..2022

  • Due to the fighting between Congolese forces and M23 rebels expelled people north of Goma. Thousands have already fled the violence. Photo: Moses Sawasawa/AP/dpa

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Copper, cobalt, gold, diamonds: In the region around Beni, several militias are fighting for valuable mineral resources. They also kill civilians again and again.


In an attack by rebels in eastern DRC, at least 37 civilians have been killed. Several people were kidnapped, the military and a civil society organization confirmed.

“We have on Saturday 27 Body picked up and straight again 05” said the President of the regional Organization, Katuho cinemas, the German Press Agency in the evening. The victims were killed in their homes in the village of Beu-Manyama, including with machetes. He blamed the Islamist militia ADF for the attack.

In response to the attack, the military killed seven ADF fighters, a spokesman for the Congolese army said in the Beni region.

The rebels regularly carry out bloody attacks in the east of the country. The US government has classified the ADF, an offshoot of the Islamic State (IS) militia, as a global terrorist organization. Several militias are active in the region around Beni, most of which are concerned with controlling valuable mineral resources such as copper, cobalt, gold and diamonds. (dpa)

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