Google’s GV raises USD 12 Mn for alt Meta Quest app store, SideQuest

By Anusha  | Date: October 04, 2022

Google’s GV raises USD 12 Mn for alt Meta Quest app store, SideQuest

As per the latest citations, Google LLCs venture capital investment arm GV has reportedly directed a sum of USD 12 million to SideQuest, the shadow app store to Metas Quest.

For those unaware, SideQuest is an alternative app store for Meta Quest VR that enables budding makers to ship and market experimental games that have not passed any of Metas stringent approval modules.

SideQuests founders Shane and Orla Harris have been constantly trying to organize the user experience while also providing a robust base for VR game developers to easily reach communities of early gamers and gradually make a move to the official store, based on their feedback.

Interestingly, a good portion of nascent VR games has successfully taken this leap into the more mature official store in a short span from their inception. For instance, the VR basketball game app Gym Class sagged sizable funding from Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz earlier this year.

Notably, SideQuests founders have managed to bring in a lot more functionality into their platform without earning disapproval from Meta. It seems that SideQuest’s lack of store monetization and the stringent regulatory landscape of Meta’s VR investments are favoring the development trajectory of the app.

Shane Harris stated that both SideQuest and Meta were doing increasingly well on their own, without interfering with each others progress. In addition, he elaborated that, even though SideQuest has raked huge numbers of sales for Meta, the company was not planning to achieve a monopoly on the Quest platform, to become direct competitors.

However, the company is still looking forward to being at the forefront of VR developers, by expanding its offerings to include additional developer tools and establishing a publishing fund that would aid in financing promising titles in their store that are bound to gain revenue.

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