Google to check 3D video calling idea ‘Project Starline’ in real world

By Anusha  | Date: October 14, 2022

Google to check 3D video calling idea ‘Project Starline’ in real world

As per the latest citations, Google LLC is all set to launch its 3D video calling platform dubbed Project Starline into the real world in the coming months.

For the unversed, Project Starline is a video-calling platform that uses 3D imagery, custom depth sensors, high-resolution camera, and an impressive light field display to deliver life-like experience for callers on both sides of the screen, without the requirement of a headset.

A spokesperson from Google has clarified that the company has already begun real-world tests with an early access program in which Starline’s viability will be validated in the offices of Googles partner firms such as Salesforce, T-Mobile, Hackensack Meridian Health, and WeWork to name a few.

Interestingly, the prototype for Starline will be introduced in the offices of the aforementioned companies by the end of this year.

The core motive of introducing these prototypes would be to gain valuable feedback on the functionality of the platform after the employees have successfully used these booths for meetings and onboarding sessions, among others.

Barring tech companies, the 3D video calling booth is expected to be tested in a hundred other companies that work for industries such as media, health, and retail.

The feedback that the tech giant would get after these prototypes are tested in different scenarios, would mainly focus on the two parameters of how the technology functions in the real world and possible risks that may hamper its productivity.

Despite these efforts, trade analysts are skeptical of Starline’s usability within office spaces and in the daily lives of consumers, beyond its reputation of being a cool tech demo.

In addition, it is unclear whether Google plans to commercialize the technology. Several facets such as the cost of purchasing or maintaining the technology, consumer demand, and need for the technology in a world where Zoom and Google Meet have already left a mark, have not been properly addressed by the company in the present scenario.

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