Google to roll out new transcribe feature in Meet calls on October 24

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: October 18, 2022

Google to roll out new transcribe feature in Meet calls on October 24

Google LLC has reportedly introduced a new transcribe function for Meet calls which will roll out on October 24, globally. For convenience and end-to-end encryption, users will be able to use this functionality to convert the audio file from the entire meeting into text and store it as a Google Doc in Google Drive.

Notably, this new feature was unveiled by the tech giant in the recent Cloud Next 2022 event and is expected to be useful for users who wish to record meetings, save crucial notes, or recollect anything from a specific meeting.

Even though appealing, the transcribe function will not be available to everyone, but desktop and laptop users.

The feature, in particular, will be enabled by default and may be customized at the group, domain, or OU level. Moreover, it will only be accessible to users of Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, Education Plus, Enterprise Starter, and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade.

Its also important to note that only English-speaking people can use the transcribe feature. Additionally, people with personal accounts, those who utilize the tool to record their online lessons, and those who speak languages other than English are not permitted to use it.

Similar to the recording option, if the Google Meet calls transcribing feature is enabled, all participants will be notified. According to the multi-tech business, the Google Meet transcription file can also be back-up in Google Drive in the Meeting Recordings folder.

All participants, including the hosts and the person who launched the transcript, will receive an email with a link to the transcript after the meeting. Google will also include a link to the transcription with the related calendar invite for the meeting in addition to that.

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