Google will run Meet on Zoom to provide users with work flexibility

By Garima Soni  | Date: October 31, 2022

Google will run Meet on Zoom to provide users with work flexibility

Google has reportedly announced that Meet will be available on Zoom later in 2022, including on several other platforms. According to a source, Google Meet sessions will be accessible via the calendars of both Zoom Rooms and Google Meet devices as well as by inputting a meeting code.

Zoom interoperability will be available on all Chrome operating system-based Meet devices, and support for others is likely to follow whereas Google Meet interoperability will be available in all Zoom Rooms across all sorts of platforms. Administrators can now activate interoperability for registered devices, enabling reliable devices to join cross-platform calls without seeking permission.

According to Google, organizations are finding it difficult to link their conference rooms to colleagues in other organizations in the hybrid workplace due to platform interoperability issues, and in order to address the matter, the company is working to provide users with the broadest range of options for connecting with people both inside and outside of their networks.

For those unaware, Logitech and Poly will be the first two video conferencing firms to provide Meet for Android-based gadgets. Notably, consumers who already own Logitech or Poly Android-based devices will be able to change to Meet by getting a Meet license for these devices.

In the meantime, Google is apparently developing a new function that would let Chrome users put inactive tabs to rest to free up the RAM of a computer.

It is worth mentioning here that Memory Saver and Energy Saver mode toggles have been included in the settings menu of Chrome’s latest Canary build. Tabs that have not been used recently will go into hibernation in the memory saver mode.

As everyone is aware, Chrome uses a lot of memory when several tabs are open, which causes the computer to run slowly, but with this new Google Chrome feature, users will now be able to snooze tabs that are not being used.


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