Historic proportion of women in Australia's new government

By ibadmin  | Date: May 31, 2022

Historic proportion of women in Australia's new government

Historical proportion of women in Australias new government

Released on 01.01.2022

  • Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his Cabinet pose for a photo after the inauguration ceremony in Canberra. Photo: Mick Tsikas/AAP/dpa
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    Australias newly elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese sets an example right at the beginning of his term: almost half of his cabinet is female. Thats never happened Down Under.


    In Australia the cabinet of the new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been sworn in. Ten of the 22 ministries are led by women - more than ever before in the Country History.

    With Linda Burney (65) is the first time a woman with indigenous roots has headed the Department of Indigenous Australians. Both the Foreign and Home Offices are led by women with Penny Wong and Clare ONeil. Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of Defense is Richard Marles, who has also been Deputy Labor Party leader since 2019. .

    Labor had the general election on 21. May clearly won and is back in power for the first time in almost ten years. The conservative coalition led by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison suffered a bitter defeat. Albanese (59) can govern with a narrow majority and will not rely on the votes of others be dependent on parties. Lab got 65 of 151 Seats in the House of Commons. (dpa)

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