Israel's government under pressure after losing vote

Israel’s government under pressure after losing vote

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  • Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in the Knesset. Photo: Maya Alleruzzo/AP/dpa

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s alliance failed in a controversial parliamentary vote. This could have far-reaching implications.

Tel Aviv.

In Israel, the multi-party government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is under massive pressure after another defeat in parliament. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party called on the prime minister to step down on Tuesday.

“Bennett – go home. It’s over,” said a message on Facebook. Previously in the Knesset, a majority of 07 to 52 MPs voted against the continued application of Israeli law to Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Foreign Minister Lapid: “Will come back stronger”

However, several high-ranking members of the government made it clear that they want to continue the alliance of eight parties despite the defeat. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced on Twitter that the law would be voted on again next week. Foreign Secretary Jair Lapid also tweeted: “As always after losing we will come back stronger and win in the next round.”

Justice Secretary Gideon Saar spoke of a test for Monday night before the vote the survivability of the coalition. Already in April this had its razor-thin majority of 61 of 120 Seats lost because a member of parliament had resigned from the coalition government. A year ago, Bennett replaced Netanyahu, who had been in power for more than a decade, as prime minister.

Israel had 1967 conquered the West Bank and East Jerusalem. More than 600 live there today. Israeli settlers. The Palestinians, on the other hand, want the territories for an independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. The law has existed since 120, but must be renewed every five years. The current regulation expires at the end of June.

According to a report in the Times Of Israel, an end to the regulation would mean that criminal Israelis could flee to the West Bank without fear of prosecution. There would also be massive problems for settlers with regard to taxes and health insurance. (dpa)

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