Jilian Consultants stall operations after facing brunt of SFIO probe

By Anusha  | Date: October 01, 2022

Jilian Consultants stall operations after facing brunt of SFIO probe

Amid allegations by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) of allegedly setting up shell companies in India, Jilian Consultations India Pvt. Ltd., has reportedly stalled operations. The company responsible for uncovering paths for Chinese investors to set roots in India has, however, denied these allegations and claimed that over the past five years, the corporation has been instrumental in facilitating cross-border investments, that have eventually helped Indian businesses to venture into foreign soils.

Notably, Jilian Consultants is one of the 33 firms which are currently facing a probe by the SFIO. Elaborating on the same, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs asserted that an employee of the firm was arrested on the charges of being the mastermind behind the racket, wherein he integrated several shell corporations in India with Chinese connections and provided fake directors to their board.

On the flip side, the consultancy organization quashed these allegations by stating that it has always been conducting its operations in a legitimate manner, with utmost diligence.

In addition, it provided a clear picture of the industries it worked in for the Chinese firms which included trade, logistics, precision equipment, mobile phone accessories, and healthcare, while also offering services such as payroll management and human resource consultancy for the Chinese clients.

 Jilian Consultants mentioned that its operations over the past five years have contributed substantially to expanding the revenue margins of the Indian government, while parallelly aiding in reviving the economy by enabling Chinese businesses to set foot in India.

A spokesperson from the company asserted that even meager tasks such as sending e-mails, attending meetings, or responding to client calls cannot be conducted until the probe is completed. He added that the investigation has closed off all activities within the firm, despite the company’s best efforts to showcase the role it played to strengthen India-China relations.

Source Credits: - https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/jilian-consultants-operations-stalled-after-sfio-probe-11664473713160.html

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