Lindner: Don't close the debate about the return to nuclear power

Lindner: Don’t close the debate about the return to nuclear power

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  • Minister of Finance Lindner wants to be open about a Discuss return to nuclear power. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa
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    End of 2022 the last two nuclear power plants in Germany are to be shut down. According to Chancellor Scholz, there should be no further operation. But now Finance Minister Lindner is starting the discourse again.


    According to FDP chairman Christian Lindner, Germany must also openly discuss the return to nuclear power in the energy debate.

    “People expect that because of climate protection, dependence on Putin and inflation, all options are being considered,” said the Federal Finance Minister of the “Bild” (Thursday). From an economic point of view, he is not yet convinced that new investments in nuclear power really pay off. “But Germany must not close its eyes to a debate that is taking place all over the world. I advise putting the arguments on the table without prejudice.”

    Habeck: No way that Germany will go any further

    His cabinet colleague and Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said to the newspaper: “There is not much more to say about nuclear energy. At the beginning of the legislature, the subject was reviewed professionally and free of ideology. That was decided by the relevant ministries – and also politically. This is not a path that Germany will go any further.”

    Only the Isar 2, Emsland and Neckarwestheim 2 nuclear power plants are still connected to the grid in Germany. They are also to be shut down by the end of the year. The economy and environment ministries had already rejected an extension of the terms because of the new situation after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Instead, the energy transition towards renewable power sources should be promoted. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had also spoken out against the continued operation of nuclear power plants. (dpa)

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