Protinex launches initiative to cater to less protein intake in India

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: July 26, 2022

Protinex launches initiative to cater to less protein intake in India

Protinex, a top adult-centric nutrition supplement of Danone India, has reportedly unveiled The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan, an awareness drive to educate customers about the vitality and role of adequate protein consumption for improvised health, nutrition, and wellbeing.

This move comes on the heels of Protinex’s mission to sensitize the adult population of India on the importance of protein in rejuvenating physical health and overall wellbeing. Apparently, the initiative is also associated with Danone’s aim of bringing health via food while reaching multiple people and positively improving their health.

According to sources, studies carried out in previous years have highlighted the pervasiveness of protein deficiency in India. However, an increased equal proportion of customers are fully unaware of coping with this insufficiency.  This has led to the proliferation of various issues like tiredness, muscle strength, and early signs of aging.

It has been speculated that almost 70 per cent of Indians do not consume proper protein in their diet, while 93 per cent is unaware of their daily protein needs.

To this end, Protinex introduced a 360-degree customer engagement drive to improvise the awareness pertaining to protein significance in day-to-day diets along with the established practice of engaging with health care professionals.

Reportedly, The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan initiative reaffirms the brand’s dedication to raising knowledge amongst people about the issues of low intake of protein in daily diets and the importance of protein in maintaining good health.

Moreover, it also focuses on educating customers regarding the adequate quality and quantity of protein as this is vital for selecting the right source of protein to cater to daily needs.

For the record, for over 60 years, Protinex has led the cause of Adult Nutrition throughout India by offering services and products that are trusted by healthcare professionals and consumers.

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