Saarbrücken: Police officer injured by shot

Saarbrücken: Police officer injured by gunshot

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    A 67-year-old who fired the shot has in barricaded in his apartment.

    During a police operation on Friday morning in Saarbrücken, a police officer was shot and injured. As reported by the state police headquarters in Saarland, a 67 year-old fired the shot and then went to his apartment barricaded.

    According to the state police headquarters, police officers had supported the Saarbrücken City Weapons Authority in an operation. In the case of a 67 year old, a search of the apartment ordered by the administrative court of Saarland should be carried out. A shot was fired. The police officer required medical treatment. Another police officer was injured by flying glass fragments.

    The crime scene in the district of Saarbrücken-Klarenthal has been cordoned off over a large area. Police are asking all residents to stay indoors and stay away from windows. (tka)

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