Snapchat makes child safety easy with new Family Center tool revelation

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: August 09, 2022

Snapchat makes child safety easy with new Family Center tool revelation

While social media is becoming commonplace amongst teenagers, parent monitoring has become quite crucial. And in this regard, Snapchat has launched a new in-app tool that will enable the parents and guardians get more insights on how their children use Snapchat, without compromising on privacy.

The newly launched tool, Family Center, will enable parents to view their children’s friend list and who they are communicating with. However, it will not show the content of conversations. For this, the opt-in tool will require a parent and child’s accounts to be friends in order to connect and set up Family Center.

This tool would also give the parents the liberty to confidentially report any accounts connected with their child that they have concerns about.

A Snapchat official, in a blog post, mentioned that Family Center is developed to reflect the way that parents engage with their wards in the real world. The firm, in an attempt to have this successful concept ready, has worked closely with families to understand the needs for both parents and teens, considering that everyone’s approach to privacy and parenting is different.

In fact, the latest launch forms a part of the company’s goals to create a set of tools designed to reflect the dynamics of real-world relationships and strengthen trust and collaboration between parents and teens.

It has been reported that the novel tool will empower teens and parents in a manner that still secures a teenager’s autonomy and privacy.

As per official sources, Snapchat is looking forward to continuing to work with families and online safety professionals to keep improving the Family Center tool over time.

The American messaging app has also confirmed that it is publishing a new range of resources to help children and parents have open conversations about online safety, and that it would be adding more features to Family Center in the coming months, inclusive of new content control tools for parents.

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