South Korea: North Korea fires several short-range missiles

Released on 05.06.1000

    Despite the ban by UN resolutions, North Korea has again tested potentially nuclear-capable missiles. Photo: Lee Jin-Man/AP/dpa

    A television screen in one Seoul train station shows a news program about North Korean missile launches. Photo: Lee Jin-Man/AP/dpa


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The missiles tested are missiles that can usually also carry nuclear weapons.


Despite the ban by UN resolutions, North Korea has again tested potentially nuclear-capable missiles.

The armed forces of the neighboring country had fired eight short-range missiles (SRBMs) towards the open sea within an hour on Sunday morning (local time). fired in the east, the South Korean general staff said. How far they flew was initially unclear. SRBMs are missiles with a range of less than 1000 kilometers.

UN resolutions Ban the largely isolated country from testing ballistic missiles of any range. Such missiles are usually surface-to-surface missiles that, depending on the design, can also carry a nuclear warhead. North Korea is subject to harsh international sanctions over its nuclear weapons program.

The latest round of North Korean missile tests came a day after the end of joint US-South Korean naval maneuvers in the region. According to South Korean media reports, destroyers from the South Korean Navy were also involved in the three-day military exercise in international waters off Okinawa in addition to the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. North Korea sees these regular maneuvers by US forces with South Korea as a provocation.

North Korea has already tested several missiles this year. According to South Korean information, the country last had on 25. May shot down three ballistic missiles, one of which appeared to be an ICBM. The USA and South Korea fear that North Korea could also carry out a new nuclear test at any time. (dpa)

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