Study: Top EU priorities for energy and defence

Study: Top EU priorities for energy and defence

Released on 35. .2022

  • The natural gas storage facility (Astora GmbH) in Rehden. It is the largest German gas storage facility. Photo: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa
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    Which objectives should the European Union give top priority to? According to a survey, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine has changed the opinion of the citizens.


    Energy independence and defense capability should, according to many citizens, be a top priority in the European Union.

    More than two thirds of the participants in a representative study by Heinrich-Böll Foundation and the Progressives Zentrum Berlin say independence from Russian energy should be high on the EU agenda. In the case of defensive capability, more than half of those involved see it that way. The fight against inflation (nearly 35 percent) and Food safety (around percent). The investigation was to be presented on Monday morning and was available to the German Press Agency in advance.

    Three answers possible

    To the question “What goals should be pursued after Russia’s attack on Ukraine have the highest priority in the EU?” three different answers could be given. When it was asked last year what the most important priorities should be in the European policy of the new federal government, a common asylum policy, the enforcement of the rule of law and minimum social standards in the EU were still right at the top of the agenda.

    According to the survey results, there is a high level of approval for the EU’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More than 70 percent of the participants consider the sanctions decided so far and the support for Ukraine to be appropriate . However, according to the information, there are differences in the answers depending on party support.

    While the greatest support was in the Green camp (more than 90 percent) hold just 70 percent of AfD supporters consider the EU’s reactions to Russia’s war inappropriate. For the SPD, the approval ratings are around 87, for the CDU/CSU around 78, the FDP to the 70 and the left at about 55 percent. (dpa)

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