TechBridge and OneTen partners to encourage economic prosperity

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: August 26, 2022

TechBridge and OneTen partners to encourage economic prosperity

TechBridge, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to delivering technology solutions and services to poverty-relief NGOs, has reportedly formed a strategic partnership with OneTen, an organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for Black talent in the U.S.

The aim of the alliance is to foster economic success with the help of a skills-first approach centered on re-credentialing roles and giving Black talent access to experienced developers as well as digital skills training.

Nicole Armstrong, TechBridge’s CEO, stated that if technology is believed to be the future and is cognizant of the digital divide then it is imperative to allow Brown and Black talents to develop the algorithms and become the data scientists who build the systems that are used every day

The racial wealth disparity in America is still substantial even though the employment market is rising. This is mainly because college degrees impose employment barriers where 79% of job positions paying over $50,000 need a four-year degree instantly excluding 76% of Black Americans above 25 years with relevant work experience.

Black professionals make up fewer than 8% of the technological workforce, so utilizing multi-stakeholder partnerships is essential to promoting diversity and creating career pathways.

According to Maurice Jones, CEO of OneTen, the racial difference in the current job market is blatantly clear, with the technology industry offering a crucial area of opportunity for Black individuals.

Candidates are quite frequently excluded on the grounds of a four-year degree requirement and with the help of partnerships with organizations like TechBridge, OneTen is capable of properly educating and training Black talent for family-sustaining employment opportunities, widening their career options, and taking concrete steps to bridge the racial wealth gap.

As the fight for talent intensifies, TechBridge and OneTen want to empower Black people and encourage the requirement for a diverse technology industry by placing them in positions where they are sorely needed by companies.

Inclusive workplace culture can be achieved through solving unmet business needs, assisting displaced workers in finding meaningful employment, and facilitating the transition of more students into technology fields.

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