U.S. extends $15 million financial help to Nepal to alleviate food crisis

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: August 23, 2022

U.S. extends $15 million financial help to Nepal to alleviate food crisis

The Russia-Ukraine war of 2022 has produced a situation of acute food crisis across different countries. In wake of this, large economies like the United States, are now coming forward to help such nations come out of the hunger conditions. In one such move, the US has announced providing USD 15 million to Nepal, as an extended part of its USD 2.76 billion in the US government funding to address the global food crisis.

The latest funding would help Nepal secure its vulnerable populations from the elevating global crisis worsened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Besides, it will also help ensure that people impacted by food shortages and rising prices have enough to eat.

As per credible sources, President Joe Biden announced these additional finances during the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Germany. Not to mention, the funds will also support nutrition-enhanced food for children under the age of five years and expecting women.

Speaking on the recent accomplishment, Beth Hogan, Acting USAID/ Nepal Mission Director, stated that with yields for maize, rice, and other important crops falling due to the impending fertilizer shortage, the new funding would produce broad implications for Nepal’s agriculture sector and its agriculturists and farmers.

Beth added that the supplemental financial would also help Nepal produce more food to sell and consume, thus increasing household food security and incomes. These will be particularly helpful among youth, women, and banished groups who have limited access to inputs, information, services, and technology.

It has been reported that USAID will be partnering with the Nepal government to invest these resources so that they align with the country’s ongoing efforts to fight food security crisis and meet the goal of sustainably reducing poverty, malnutrition, and hunger.

Imperative to note that the current move would continue 75 years of the Nepal-US partnership and its’ ongoing health and food security assistance programs.

Source Credit- https://english.khabarhub.com/2022/22/269039/

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