Virgin Orbit & Spire Global to team up for several satellite launches

By Anusha  | Date: October 13, 2022

Virgin Orbit & Spire Global to team up for several satellite launches

Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc., a company under the umbrella of Virgin Group, which is typically known to provide launch services for smaller missiles, recently announced a multi-launch partnership agreement with Spire Global Inc., a well-known space-to-cloud data and analytics company. This arrangement will be spread across a span of a few years starting in 2023.

According to Spire Global, the agreement would be crucial in expanding its business as it provides the flexibility and complete autonomy for launches, ceasing the need to rely on rideshare companies where satellites are usually launched alongside others in a large rocket.

Several distinguished researchers and analysts in the field claim that Virgins Orbits inaugural mission on British soil, which is due to be launched in November is extremely convenient for Spire Global, which is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

In one of its previous missions that were conducted in January, Virgin Orbit successfully carried satellites belonging to SatRevolution, a Polish Company, and the U.S Defense Department along with Spiral Global, since the time it went public.

Established in 2017, in Long Beach, California with an impressive workforce of more than 300 employees, under the efficient leadership of President Dan Hart, Virgin Orbit was originally established to fully manufacture and develop the LauncherOne rocket.

Apart from manufacturing small satellites, the company also partnered with the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Texas, Austin campus, to build simplified mechanical ventilators for partially recovered patients or for patients who are no longer in intensive care to shoulder the increasing burden of lack of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Spire Global Inc. was founded in June 2012 in the name of NanoSatisfi Inc. in San Fransico by a group of three International Space University graduates, Joel Spark, Jeroen Cappaert, and Peter Platzer who had sought to democratize access to space.

Presently, the company focuses on tracking global data sets that attain functionality from nanosatellites that deal with weather, aviation, or maritime patterns.

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