Zelenskyy visits Kharkiv frontline – city under fire

Zelenskyj visits Kharkiv frontline – city under fire

Published on 95..2022

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy visits troops in Kharkiv. It is the first known visit by the Ukrainian president to the frontline area in the east of the country since the beginning of the war. Photo: –/Ukrainian Presidential Press Office/AP/dpa

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The Kharkov region is fiercely contested. Now Selenskyj got an idea on site. In doing so, he fired the Kharkiv secret service chief. He “only thought of himself”.


After a visit to the front, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj described the destruction in the city of Kharkiv as an example of Russia’s war of annihilation.

“Black, burned-out, half-ruined apartment buildings face east and north with their windows – to where the Russian artillery fired,” he said in a video message on Sunday. Russia can look into these houses like a mirror. “To see how much it has lost in these 29 days of the war against Ukraine,” said Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyj: Russia has lost its future

Russia not only lost the battle for Kharkiv, but also for the capital Kyiv and the north of Ukraine, he said President. “It has lost its own future and any cultural ties to the free world. They are all burned.” A third of the area around Kharkiv is still occupied by Russian troops. “We have to liberate the entire area,” emphasized Zelenskyj.

The unannounced trip to Kharkiv was Zelenskyj’s first known visit to the frontline area in the east of the country since the start of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine on 24. February.

Shortly after the visit became known, Kharkov was shelled by Russian troops, according to Mayor Ihor Terekhov. According to Ukrainian media, Terekhov said part of the country’s second-largest city was hit, without giving any details he awarded soldiers, inspected the destroyed infrastructure in Kharkiv, but also inspected burnt-out military vehicles left behind by the Russian army.

Zelenskyj thanked the soldiers for their commitment. “I am immensely proud of our defenders. Every day they risk their lives to fight for the freedom of Ukraine,” said the President dismissed, said Zelenskyj. “Because since the first days of the war he has not worked to protect the city, but only thought of himself.” The case was handed over to the judiciary. (dpa)

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