Zoho ramps up hiring for domestic and international expansion

Indian tech company Zoho Corporation intends to hire at least 2,000 employees to power product development, engineering, and technology in line with its plans to expand in India as well as across the world.

Speaking on the future plans, Prashant Ganti, Head of Products, Tax, Accounting & Payroll at Zoho shared that the company has already started hiring locally and plans to create upskilling programs like ‘Zoho Schools of Learning’ in domestic locations whilst boosting operations.

Mainly, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) major is eyeing talent in the field of software development, writing, designing, product marketing, and web development, along with sales executives and engineers specializing in quality assessment, and technical support.

Ganti claims that the company plans to expand into different geographies organically.

According to him, Zoho has adopted a transnational localism approach, which refers to global expansion achieved by hiring locally in the countries where the company decides to set up operations.

With a prior experience in India and the U.S. marketspace, Zoho has recently forayed into geographies like Cape Town, Egypt, and Jeddah. Moreover, the company is focusing on tapping into the rural talent of India after building a global headcount of 10,800.

Besides the rural hubs in Tamil Nadu, the SaaS expert announced last week, that Zoho is eyeing tier 3 and 4 towns of Uttar Pradesh as ideal locations to set up a unit.

Ganti believes that the majority of the urban talent pool comes from rural areas and smaller towns, which is why companies need to go where the opportunity is and invest in upskilling programs to build the local talent.

Zoho caters to a massive audience through its comprehensive product portfolio including Zoho People, which offers HR solutions, Zoho Books for financial management along with other products such as Zoho Inventory, Zoho Site, and Zoho CRM.

Source Credit: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/startups/zoho-plans-to-hire-2000-workers-for-indian-and-global-expansion/articleshow/92940061.cms

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