After Musks Twitter acquisition, Mastodon app recorded 70K signups

By Ayushi Garg  | Date: November 01, 2022

After Musks Twitter acquisition, Mastodon app recorded 70K signups

Ever since Elon Musk finalized the agreement to purchase Twitter Inc. last Thursday i.e., 27th October, there have been indications about a modest but rising exodus from the social media platform currently being underway. While many Twitter users are waiting it out and may not have completely canceled their accounts as of yet, a large number of people are currently looking into Twitter alternatives.

Mastodon, a decentralized social network that saw more than 70,000 new sign-ups on Friday i.e., 28th October—the day after Musks takeover of Twitter—is one of these alternatives. Additionally, a record number of users downloaded the official Mastodon mobile app over the last weekend as more people started looking for other online communities after leaving Twitter.

For those unaware, Mastodon is not a new platform - the free and open-source microblogging platform made its debut in March 2016 and offered an alternative method of social networking online. People can utilize hashtags, share media, follow other users, post information that can be liked and retweeted (or in Mastodon jargon, "tooted), and other features that are identical to Twitter.

The free and open-source software, however, is a distributed social network as opposed to Twitter, where users register on various servers, or nodes, each of which has its own theme, regulations, lingo, and moderation policies. For instance,, which boasts 817,219 users, is now the most popular server whereas, a Japanese server, is close behind with 766,399 users.

Notably, users can normally read information and interact with people on other sites, except servers in the fediverse – a network of interconnected, or federated, servers — that their own server administrator has forbidden.

The Mastodon mobile app also benefited from this flurry of new users. The app had risen to No. 38 in the Social Networking category on the U.S. App Store. Since ranking No. 37 on April 27, 2022, when Musk made his initial proposal to buy Twitter and the first Twitter migration began, this was the app's highest position.

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