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Despite starting her career in science, Garima always had a zeal for writing. She started out her writer journey as a freelancer which eventually turned into a full-time job. Now as an upcoming MBA professional, Garima pens down articles for IBMag and several other websites.

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Russian weekly consumer price index rises for the first time since May

A recently released data has revealed that weekly consumer prices in Russia increased for the first time since May, which was less than two weeks after the central bank hinted at putting an end to its monetary easing cycle and decreasing retail price...

Uber holds Lapsus$-linked hacker responsible for internal system breach

Uber Technologies Inc. has reportedly blamed a hacker associated with the Lapsus$ hacking group for a recent incident involving a cyber assault to an extent that the ride-hailing firm had to immediately restrict internal communications at all levels....

News iPhone 14 possess Apple radio chips & Qualcomm satellite modem

According to an inspection of the phone by iFixit and an Apple statement, the recently launched iPhone 14 models made by Apple Inc. include a Qualcomm chip that communicates with satellites, along with other specially built Apple components utilized ...