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Rashi started her journey in content when she was completing her MBA. Since then, she has helped well-known start-ups and businesses boost their online presence. Currently Rashi pens downs insightful articles for IBMag and various other websites, covering an array of sectors from finance and business to technology and healthcare.

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Tesla’s logistical bottlenecks impact EV’s delivery success records

In spite of its outpacing deliveries, Tesla Inc. has reportedly revealed lower sales of electric vehicles than anticipated numbers during the third quarter due to logistics issues. The major manufacturer of electric vehicles shared that im...

Intel & Italy pick Veneto region for new multibillion-euro chip factory

The town of Vigasio located in the northeastern Veneto region has reportedly been chosen as the preferred location for a brand-new multibillion-euro chip facility in Italy by Mario Draghis departing government and Intel Corporation. The U.S. chipmak...